By Des Moines. Plymouth church

Поваренная книга 1876

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311 259 Lemon, 272 Orange, 272 Oyster Chowder. 13 Soup, 13 SUNSHINE CAKE, Pea, 13 " Pried. 13 SWEET BREADS, " Pumpkin, SWEIT HERBS, 14 Quenelles for, 14 Quick Broth, 4 Rice and Tomato, 14 Reino. a la, 15 Spinach, Cream of. 5 SYRUP, TAPIOCA SOUP, With Cream, Plaster. ARTAR SAUCE, TEA CAKES, TEA 111 205 To Make, 302 Flavors, 203 Punch, 304 Mock, 28 66 221 Pudding, 258 SPONGES, To 16 Apple, 243 TERRAPINS, Soup, 15 259 217 White, IG T;ipioen, Ti " Cream of. 15 Vegetable. 16 A^'eal, 16 SPANISH BUN, 223 SPAGHETTI, 152 116, - Sauce, 106 And 221 66, 305 SWEDISH PANCAICFS.

66 Salad, 117 Truffled, 66 Creamed, 1S9 Sefton. 180 Soup, 16 VEGETABLES Artichokes, 121 Globe, 121 Asparagus, 1£0 " Creamed, 120 Bananas, 121 Beans, Green, 122 Lima, 122 Boston Baked, 122 Beets, 121 Brussels Sprouts. 121 Cabbage, Baked, 122 Boiled. 123 and Butter, 123 Cold Slaw, 123 Fscalloi^ed, 123 Hot Slaw, 123 Cardoons. 124 Carrots a la Maitre d'hotel. 12J Stewed, 124 Cauliflower, Boiled. 125 Avith Cheese, 126 Salad, 115 Celery, Salad, 115 Stewed, 126 Corn. Baked. 124 Boiled, 124 Creamed, 125 Cake, 125 Cakes, 125 Esca Hoped, 125 Fritters, 125 Pudding, 125 Cucumbers, 126 for Fish, 127 Fried, 127 Dressed, 127 to Prepare.

The meat and bone cup of cold water ; ; this will ; ; ; BEEF STOCK. One shin of beef cut in pieces, bones and meat six quarts of water. Fry together one quart of onions and three carrots until they are brown, then put them into the soup pot and one bunch of parsley, one head of celery, four bay leaves, six cloves. Let the soup boil gently at least six the next day remove all the fat, and hours, then strain when the soup is needed heat it, adding vermicelli, barley or rice to it if vermiceli, soak it in warm water for a few minutes if barley, it must be cooked slowly for several hours in water; rice must be cooked in boiling water; Italian paste does not need cooking; put it in the soup when served.

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