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John Stevens Henslow (1796-1861) was once a botanist and geologist. As instructor, mentor and buddy to Charles Darwin, it used to be his creation that secured for Darwin the publish of naturalist at the voyage of the Beagle. whereas Professor of Botany, Henslow tested the Cambridge collage Botanic backyard as a source for educating and examine. scholars have been inspired to ascertain plant specimens rigorously, and to checklist the features in their constructions. Henslow might have identified how daunting they discovered the duty of turning into trained with botanical vocabulary, and produced this quantity to supply a safe starting place for clinical investigations. This meticulous word list, initially released as a unmarried quantity in 1857 yet drawing on contributions he made past to problems with The Botanist and Maund's Botanic backyard, is a testomony to Henslow's scholarship. it really is liberally illustrated with pleasant woodcuts that make clear the which means of chosen phrases.

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In the Artificial System of Linneus these amount to 24. In the Natural System of Jussieu there are 3. In the Natural arrangement of Dr. Lindley there are 4. CLAVATE, CLAVA'TUS, CLAVELLA'TUS, CLAVIFOR'MIS, CLAVIL- Lo'sus>(CLArA a club) where any organ, slender at the base, COB 39 gradually thickens towards the apex. As the filaments of Thalictrum clavatum, the stigma of Campanula. CLAW, the narrowed base of some petals, analogous to the footstalk of leaves. Ex. Dianthus. CLINAN'DRIUM, (KXIVTJ a bed, avrjp a man) a depression in the summit of the gynostemium of certain Orchidaceae, either above or below the stigma, in which the anther is lodged.

CANCEL'LATE, (CANCELLA'TUS latticed) where there is an appearance somewhat resembling lattice-work->as where the single fibres, of which the whole plant of Byssus cancellatus is composed, cross each other; or where the parenchyma in the leaves of Hydrogeton being wanting, the nerves only are left with open spaces between them. CAN*VIDUS, ( white) a pure white, but not so clear as snowwhite. CANES'CENS, CAN US (hoary) more or less grey, verging on white. CAPILLA'CEOUS, CAPILLA'CEUS (hairy, or like hair) as fine as hair.

CONI'BXVM, (KOVIQ dust) powdery particles which are aggregated in patches (SOREDIA) over the surface of the thallus of some lichens. 19,20 44 CON a cone) the Fir tribe. A natural oide* usually considered as part of the class Dicotyledones, the structure of the stem being exogenous. The cotyledons however, are very variable in number, and the structure of the seed-vessel, a carpellary scale, places them in the group Gymnospermae, which is considered by some as a distinct Class. CONIOCYS'TA, CoNiocYsfris, (xovia dust, %V(TTIQ a bladder) Apothecia which resemble a tubercle, and are filled with a mass of sporules.

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