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Export, or 80/- Ale Export retails as 80/- Ale, but might also be referred to as ‘heavy’; it is the most popular style with a full, malty palate, tempered with a degree of soft bitterness at 15–25 IBUs. The colour varies from pale to amber to antique copper at 25–75 EBC°. 4. MIXTURES OF BEER Beer mixing used to be a very common practice, as the drinker could liven up a flat pint with sparkling bottled ale. Also, mixing two types of beer produced another quality, and the sweetness, or bitterness, could be altered to taste.

Remove the original tap and replace it with a 22mm right-angled tank connector, pointing upwards. Reduce to 15mm, and attach to this a length of clear, heat-resistant plastic hose, or glass tube, to act as a sight glass. Graduate the boiler in gallons or ltr. My own set-up uses a 15mm tank connector as a single drain outlet from the bottom of the HLT connected to a ‘T’, which is also connected to two straight washing-machine ‘on/off’ taps. Plastic domestic water hose connects the HLT to the sparger and spray attachment.

Surface films and finger marks can also produce a false reading, so the instrument should always be cleaned prior to use. As fermentation temperatures are out with 20°C, there is always going to be a discrepancy with the readings. As the gravities from brewing ingredients are calculated in LDK at 20°C, it is essential that gravities taken with a 60°F saccharometer be corrected to 20°C to obtain the true reading. Experienced brewers know that to obtain a true reading, the instrument should initially be spun in the medium to dislodge any bubbles that might be clinging to it, thereby aiding its buoyancy and creating an inaccuracy.

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