By Dorothy G. Singer

ISBN-10: 0452275652

ISBN-13: 9780452275652

Offers a desirable and comprehensible account of adolescence improvement for anyone—education and psychology scholars, day care heart staff and nursery university lecturers, and parents.

Jean Piaget is arguably crucial determine of the 20 th century within the box of kid psychology. Over greater than six a long time of learning and dealing with kids, he brilliantly and insightfully charted the phases of a kid's highbrow maturation from the 1st years to maturity, and in doing so pioneered a brand new mode of knowing the altering ways that a toddler involves snatch the world.

the aim of A Piaget Primer is to make Piaget's very important paintings with ease available to academics, therapists, scholars, and naturally, mom and dad. famous American psychologists distill Piaget's complicated findings into splendidly transparent formulations with out sacrificing both subtlety or importance. to complete this, they hire not just lucid language yet such attention-grabbing illuminations of a kid's international and imaginative and prescient as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Winnie-the-Pooh, in addition to media manifestations like Barney and Sesame Street. This thoroughly revised variation of this vintage paintings is as stress-free because it is invaluable—an crucial consultant to comprehending and speaking with youngsters larger than we ever have earlier than.

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The reader constructs a representation to explain a possible world, and readers must establish relations of causality between the facts of this world in order to build a coherent mental representation of a narrative (Black & Bower, 1980; Omanson, 1982; Trabasso et al, 1984; Trabasso & van den Broek, 1985; van den Broek & Lorch, 1993). They use their naive theories about causality to understand a text and to construct a coherent interpretation of what is said in it. As stories are goal-directed in nature (Thorndyke, 1977), the reader must identify not only adjacent relations between events but also distant relations (including adjacent relations) to capture the causal structure of a text (Black & Bower, 1980; Trabasso, 1991; Trabasso & van den Broek, 1985).

I discuss the importance and main properties of these two ways of approaching the causal structure of a text in Part III (chapter 5) because they allow us to make strong predictions about the kinds of inferences that can be generated online (Magliano, 1999). Thus, first-generation studies showed that text comprehension requires the construction of a coherent representation in memory. This representation may be described as a network of events, states, and facts connected by semantic relations of different natures.

My choice was influenced by their large explanatory power in the cognitive activities related to text understanding. 1. First Generation of Cognitive Research in Reading Comprehension. Meaning Is “In the Head”: The Concept of Schema The first generation of models emphasized the mental representation of texts (the product of the reading process) and was mainly based on the properties of these mental representations. This generation gave substantial weight to the reader’s prior knowledge and expectations in text interpretation.

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