By Yonge Charlotte Mary 1823-1901

Not like another reproductions of vintage texts (1) we haven't used OCR(Optical personality Recognition), as this results in undesirable caliber books with brought typos. (2) In books the place there are pictures corresponding to images, maps, sketches and so forth we now have endeavoured to maintain the standard of those photos, so that they signify safely the unique artefact. even if sometimes there is convinced imperfections with those outdated texts, we consider they need to be made to be had for destiny generations to take pleasure in.

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Up, wonderfully pleased at his good success to the top, wings, took and it 33 he struck laid it flat time of his practising his new acquired art ; yet, having taken notice of the bird's beauty, he had a regret for its death, though he might in time have rued its living; the stock offish weekly decreasing, by his own catching one now and then with a small net he made for that use, when short of other provisions, and their recruiting prevented by that bird's daily devouring their young. The inexpressible beauty of the feathers, which were after the nature of a drake, every one distinguished from another by a rim round the edge thereof, about the breadth of a large thread, and of a changeable colour, from red to aurora and green ; the ribs of a delightful blue, and the feathers pearl colour, speckled with a bright yellow; the breast and belly (if it might be said to be of any particular colour) was that of a dove's feather rimmed like the back, diversly changing; the head, which was like that of a swan for make, was purple also, changing as it moved the bill like burnished gold eyes like a ruby, with a rim of gold round it ; the feet the same as the bill the size of the bird was between a middling goose and a duck, and in shape resembling a swan.

One afternoon, which was not hi^ customary time of day to examine his nets, being too visible in the daytime for game to run in ; he happened to walk in the wood, to take the full dimensions thereof, so chanced to go by his nets in one of which were taken two animals, as big as a kid six weeks old, of a bright dun, their horns upright and straight, their shape Hke a stag, most curiously limbed, a small tuft By their horns, which of hair on each shoulder and hip. were but short, they appeared to be very young, which rejoiced him the more, being in hopes to tame those which he did not want for present use; so carried them home joyful of his game, depending upon a good dinner; but was the animals he found were antelopes sadly disappointed wanted : mind he had seen them proving both females, he had made a (calling to in his travels), which resolution to preserve.

Circle, Having dined both plentifully and deliciously, he most zealously returns kind Providence thanks for the late and all favours received; then, pursuant to his resolution, he goes to making nets, in order to take his game alive for the future ; and, as he had no small twine to make it with, he was obliged to unravel some of the sail which he luckily had by him ; and with the thread, twisted some of the bigness he judged proper for that use. Having made a sufficient quantity, he makes a couple of nets, about four feet square, which he fastens in the room of the killing snares ; so retired, and resolved to come and examine them every morning.

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